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Find the right covers for your seats

We have seat covers in all kinds of styles, colors, and materials.


Our friendly staff will help you find the right option for your vehicle. Whether you prefer neoprene, poly-cotton, leather, or any other material, we have what you need.

Call us today to inquire about any car accessory you need.


Exterior and interior products at a great price

Just because you buy your car with standard features doesn't mean you can't improve it through some affordable additions. Visit Specialty Automotive Supply to find all the car accessories to help you make a much needed upgrade.

No matter what make and model, we have accessories to beautify and add functionality

to any vehicle.

Affordable accessories for your car

Protect your car interior by getting new all-weather floor mats.

We have a wide selection.

• Seat covers

• Rain covers

• Mud flaps

• Floor mats

• Floor liners

• Car bras

• Steering wheel mats